Defect Diagnosis

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Defect Diagnosis


Existing properties are exposed to the elements and, in the majority of instances, are in constant use.

Therefore, the fabric of a building is subjected to a variety of stresses which can include, strains, impacts, erosion, wetting, drying etc. It is inevitable that, as a property ages, parts of the building may become eventually become defective.

Defect diagnosis looks for possible cracks, damp, structural concerns, mechanical or electrical failures or even excessive noise transfer to effectively diagnose the issues that your building might suffer as a result of its age and other wear and tear.

Our Chartered Building Surveyors have extensive experience of identifying and diagnosing the cause of defects in retail, office, industrial and residential buildings.

We have acted on behalf of building owners and tenants providing a thorough survey of a property as well as detailed analysis of leases or contracts to determine who is responsible. Our reports are designed to be clear and concise and we try to avoid technical jargon wherever possible.

As part of the reporting process we suggest solutions to a problem, normally on an ascending level of anticipated cost.

We always identify potential future costs resulting from a repair as our experience of project management and planned maintenance means we are always long-term costs. This is where we can be of most help to a client, as we can help them to reach an informed decision which balances the immediate capital cost with longer term costs and the length of time needed for the works. Often, when it comes to defects diagnosis a property will be occupied. Be assured that we will always keep this in mind when we recommend the most reliable solution, which offers the very best value for money.

We have extensive experience of identifying and diagnosing the cause of defects in buildings