Party Wall Advice


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At Ibis, we have considerable experience when it comes to advising Building Owners and Adjoining Owners in matters involving works on a party wall.

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 sets out the process that will enable a Building Owner to undertake works to their property that affects a party wall or a boundary, whilst protecting their interests and those of the Adjoining Owner or Owners.

We can help clients determine whether the Party Wall Act applies to their work, whether we are appointed as a Party Wall Surveyor, or in another role such as the Project Manager, an Employer’s Agent or running a planned maintenance programme.

There are many sources of information giving background to the Party Wall Act which is available from the RICS, Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors or the Pyramus and Thisbe Club.

We can help with detailed advice for a specific situation, identifying who should receive a notice, serving a notice, drawing up a Party Wall Award and preparing a schedule of condition.

Whilst it is allowable to reach a mutual agreement with a neighbour that precludes the need for a notice to be issued or an Award to be agreed, we would advise that a relevant schedule of condition is always good value.

A schedule of condition will provide a snapshot of the condition of the adjoining property, or properties, prior to the works beginning and be a useful tool for both sides should the initially cordial relationships become fractured during the works, or if a dispute arise.

We have considerable experience of advising our Clients in matters pertaining to works to a party wall.