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Planned maintenance is a scheduled process of maintenance on a built asset portfolio.

An asset register provides details from which a maintenance programme can be drawn up for all of the built assets owned by a client. The maintenance programme typically identifies the maintenance works which are needed over a ten-year period, and provides an indication of the priority in which those works are required.

When working for clients who have large built asset portfolios, our role has been to provide advice on the forthcoming programme of works over the course of the coming year, managing the development of a specification, identifying a procurement strategy and potential tenderers, managing the running of the tender process and reporting to the client. Once a contractor or multiple contractors have been selected we administer the contract and monitor the works.

Liaising with tenants has been always been a key part of our successful delivery of planned maintenance programmes. Taking the time to,  ensure that tenants are consulted before a specification is signed off, keeping them updated during the lead-in and works periods and then obtaining their feedback once the works are complete is the very best way to ensure that your tenants are kept content during the entire process.

We have established an excellent reputation in this service area, and we often obtain repeat appointments from previous clients, as we are able to develop a real understanding of the organisational drivers and can deliver a successful works programme which adds value to the ongoing maintenance of the portfolio. We have also found that the consistency of our involvement has been benefitbeneficial to many new staff working for a Client, and can helps them to get to grips with the previously established organisational processes that much quicker.

Managing the costs carefully and ensuring that the client obtains good value are key.

Over the years, we have helped our clients to increase their programme in a given year, through careful cost monitoring of the contract works. The introduction of alternative products, which meet the performance specification, but at a lower cost, has also benefitted the work’s programmes.

As mentioned in the Cost Consultancy and Quantity Surveying sections, we aim to add value to our service by taking knowledge obtained from our other services. With planned maintenance, our extensive management of affordable housing projects has helped us to understand the products and materials that provide a better long-term solution and help with life- cycle costing and reducing maintenance costs.

In addition to our appointment to manage the works programmes, we increase our service’s value for money by advising on other areas of non-compliance. Our Building Surveyors make certain that they keep up to date through CPD as a part of their professional membership of the RICS. Therefore, they are always conscious of deleterious materials and regulatory changes – such as changes to fire regulations – which might affect the current risks in communal areas of buildings, or houses of multiple occupations.

We understand the products and materials that provide a better long-term solution.