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Monitoring Surveyor for Banks and Funders

The role of Monitoring Surveyor calls on our knowledge to review the progress of a project being funded by our Client. We comment on the viability of a project and the suitability of a design but most importantly provide a financial appraisal to determine the likelihood of success and the level of risk for the Client. It is also our role to verify that the documentation is suitable, including the form of contract, and that the contract is administered properly.

We have established a reputation for providing sensible opinion and a pragmatic review of a project.

Our focus is on helping everyone achieve a positive outcome whilst protecting their interests, and making sure on behalf of our clients that the risks are managed appropriately.

Relationships are something we recognise as key to the success of a project, as mentioned on our home page and in the contract administrator section.

This is no different in our appointments as Monitoring Surveyor. We always maintain a deep set understanding of who our Client is but bring a collaborative approach to the process as it provides a greater likelihood of completing to budget and programme.

We provide financial appraisals to determine the likelihood of success and the level of risk for our Clients.