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Contract Administration/ Employer’s Agent

Managing construction contracts is an important part of our project management service but often, for cost purposes, a client will want us to specifically administrate the contract without the extended management functions of a Project Manager.

The Contract Administrator is usually the lead consultant, with responsibility for administering the construction contract, managing changes and maintaining cost control. Contract Administration is a core service of ours, and one which we have been providing since the Ibis was formed. Infact, our employees have been offering this services for even longer than that! Typically, the role relates to a standard form of construction contract.

Design and Build contracts are administered by a contract administrator known as an Employer’s Agent.

Our extensive experience as Employer’s Agent goes hand-in-hand with Contract Administrator of standard forms of contract.

As part of our comprehensive contract administration service, we behave as if we are the client, and we base decisions on how we would want a consultant to support us and look after our interests.

We are well placed to act as the Client’s Representative, and when we are the Project Managers, we see ourselves in this role on a de facto basis.

The spirit of partnering is something that we aim to bring to all of our projects; if necessary, we can formalise the process using the appropriate form of contract. As we’ve mentioned previously, on our home page, we are keen to create and develop relationships as we see these being the driving force behind to a successful project. We have developed an approach to contract administration which has helped us to ensure that conflict amongst the contractual parties and the wider team is avoided.

Fundamentally, we do this through effective and inclusive communication across the entire team. In so doing, we successfully delivering projects to fruition in such a way that all parties involved will be happy to work together in the future. This is a positive approach, as it allows the lessons learned on one project to be carried forward and helps to continuously improve the process and the value of a project for everyone.

Construction contracts start from positions of hope but filled with uncertainty.

Occasionally, as aspects of contract delivery become certain, the results do not fit with the contractual expectations of our client. It is at these times that we stand firmly alongside our Client to ensure that they get a fair and just outcome by way of a diplomatic solution. We believe that it is only right to make sure that a client does not receive a sub-standard service. Equally, we make sure that our advice is professional and impartial at all times.

We have extensive knowledge of many different types of contract including JCT standard form, JCT with contractor’s design, Development Agreements, Building Agreements, PPC 2000 partnering contract etc. having delivered successfully over 4000 residential properties for clients. Our experience of administering contracts includes whole site developments, delivery of the s106 requirement for affordable housing on a larger development site, refurbishment, conversion, planned maintenance etc.

Managing construction contracts is a key part of our project management service.