Feasibility Analysis

Analysis of

Potential Schemes


On any new project, there is always a stage at which the Client is unsure about where is the best place to start and, therefore, will require a feasibility analysis.

Here at Ibis, we have experience of working with Clients and other consultants to come up with a feasible use for a site that will fit within the budget constraints.

Initially, we can help with a high-level appraisal for the use of a site and what will fit onto the land. Using this information, a residual value appraisal of the site can be carried out to help the client understand the likely financiale inputs.

Delivering affordable housing requires further analysis of a potential scheme to make sure that it meets the compliance criteria and size requirements.

The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) is responsible for development outside of London and the Greater London Authority (GLA) for development inside. These two organisations share many elements of compliance, but both have slightly different assessment processes when conducting a feasibility analysis. The HCA use the Housing Quality Indicators (HQIs) to evaluate design and size whereas the GLA use the London Proforma.

Ibis has extensive knowledge of these processes, not least because we have the ability to consult our in-house HCA and GLA auditor. We can therefore provide a useful and sensible evaluation of a piece of land, or an initial design solution, to determine its suitability for affordable housing and whether it suits certain tenures more than others.

We can provide a useful and sensible evaluation of a piece of land or an initial design solution.