Project Management




New Buildings Project Management

The Association of Project Management introduces building project management as a process that is aimed at producing an end product to effect a change for the benefit of the organisation that instigated the project in the first place.

A key factor of building project management is that it has a finite timescale and a final, deliverable objective.

At Ibis, we have the experience, knowledge and skills to manage construction projects to a successful conclusion that meets the objectives of the brief.

Our dedicated team focus on the creation of a project brief, which is driven by the Quality-Cost-Time triangle, to ensure that your project can enjoy an effective management strategy and progress in the most effective manner possible.

Ideally, we will be appointed at the feasibility stage. However, we understand that this is not always possible for the client. Therefore, we are able to pick up a project at any stage and utilise our extensive experience to define the necessary outputs. We have a large database of contractors and consultants that we can guarantee the high-performance of, and so we can effectively resource the project through an appropriate procurement process.

One of our key strengths in throughout the evolution of a project is a flexible and targeted approach to managing both risks and changes in a swift and sensible manner, to ensure that the project itself remains on schedule and on budget.

We also have extensive experience of contract administration, which is a key part of managing a contract and provides us with the necessary tools to drive the programme and maintain cost control.

Our past projects include both residential new-build projects and the conversion of offices to residential using current permitted development rights.

Change of use from B1(a) Offices to C3 Residential is temporary and approvals cannot be implemented after 30th May 2016. If you have an approval or expect to have one before that date ensure that work starts on site so you do not lose the opportunity to implement the approval.