Site Introductions

An Extensive Network

of Clients & Contacts


One of our aims is to make site introductions and develop relationships between relevant and interested parties.

Here at Ibis, we are proud to say that we have an extensive network of clients and contacts who possess, or whom are looking for, prime development sites.

We would be happy to discuss potential land for development so that we can introduce the landowner to appropriate clients. The land can come with or without planning permission.

Our Housing Association clients are interested in opportunities to bolster their programmes for affordable housing which includes the procurement of affordable housing requirements in the s106 obligations for larger sites or purchasing whole sites.

We also have clients interested in looking at possible office locations and retail site opportunities.

Sometimes we are aware that a landowner might not want to simply sell a site, so we can help you to find appropriate partners with whom you can put together a joint venture, profit share or partnering deal.

If you have a site that could be developed for residential use that you are interested in selling, or if you’re looking for a development partner to share the risk, be sure to contact us using any of the details below.

Population growth has exceeded 400,000 yet only 134,460 new properties were completed in that same one year period.