BREEAM Assessments

Code for

Sustainable Homes


BREEAM is a process of assessing the environmental performance of any type of building, new or existing.

BRE Global operates the BREEAM UK schemes which include:

  • BREEAM UK New Construction – covers buildings used for office, retail, education, industrial, amongst others
  • BREEAM UK Communities
  • BREEAM In-use
  • EcoHomes
  • Code for Sustainable Homes
  • BREEAM UK Refurbishment – domestic and non-domestic

We are currently undertaking numerous New Construction Assessments of office, retail, education and light industrial buildings.

Some of the schemes are mixed- use and, as such, also include housing, which is assessed under the Code for Sustainable Homes. More details about the Code for Sustainable Homes and EcoHomes can be found by clicking on the heading in the menu itself.

Credits are awarded for compliant areas of the design and construction, which are then converted into percentages based on the weighting for each section. The accumulated percentage score provides the rating. The rating itself can be anything from a Pass to Outstanding.

We have developed a reputation for clear and concise reporting and helping Clients to find the most efficient way through the process.

By the nature of the number of elements in the BREEAM assessment process, and the role as an audit of various elements of a project, they are often bureaucratic. As a result, we take the time to ensure that the process is as simple as possible for the client. At all times we protect our integrity and provide sound advice to reach a conclusion. Where allowed we provide additional consultancy to reduce the paperwork burden on our client.

A key part for any BREEAM assessment is the energy section, it usually driving the direction of the assessment. Vital to the assessment process are SBEMs for commercial buildings and SAPs for residential properties. More details can be found on both of these under the relevant heading in the menu.

We have developed a reputation for clear and concise reporting.