Standard Assessment



SAPs, EPCs and SBEM assessments.

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is a process of evaluating the energy performance of a residential property. The results are calculated by accredited SAP assessors with access to specialist software.

SAP calculations are required for new build housing projects to demonstrate compliance with Approved Document L1 of the Building Regulations.

There are two stages to the process; the design stage SAPs and the as-built SAPs.

The latter contains all of the information from which an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) can be generated. This certificate is required by Building Control to sign – off a project and a CSH assessor to submit the post – construction review assessment to obtain a final certificate.

The process of analysing the energy consumption of commercial buildings is much the same as it is for residential buildings, except that the software used is called the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM).

Our SBEM assessors have produced calculations on numerous buildings, including hotels, to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations and as part of a BREEAM assessment.

Our approach, here at Ibis, is to keep the entire process as simple as possible. It is useful for us to undertake the SAP calculations and the CSH assessment or SBEM and BREEAM assessment, but it is not essential. We aim to deliver the worksheets and EPCs swiftly to help a client deliver their project programme.

The planning and Energy Act 2008 will be amended (subject to Parliamentary approval). From that point forward the Government intends energy efficiency requirements in Building Regulations to be set at a minimum level equivalent to Code Level 4. This is all part of the continuing march towards zero carbon.