How we work

A flexible approach

Creating value for our clients

We’re passionate about ensuring projects create value for our clients and provide benefits to communities for years to come. However, we know only too well that construction can be complex, and challenges regularly arise, including changes that improve the project.  We take a flexible and innovative approach to redirect the project to a successful conclusion.


We give every client the best service from the very first day working with Ibis, and our approach helps guide our team in everything that they do to deliver on this.

Collaboration – achieving the ‘right’ result is as much about the culture of a project as the detail. Working together with all stakeholders leads to more positive outcomes.

Ibis Limited How We Work

The personal touch

We pride ourselves on high staff retention which allows us to build long term relationships with our clients and maintain consistency in our project teams. Our clients are provided a service that is tailored to their project from team that they know.

Managing change

As a RICS accredited firm with all professional staff being members of RICS, we are obliged to stay up-to-date with changes in regulatory environments and good practice standards. Where applicable, we identify how regulatory changes may affect a project, and communicate the impact of any changes with the client and how it fits within the terms of the contract.

Ibis Limited RICs Members
Ibis Limited How We Work


All professional staff work towards a specialised discipline, however throughout their training they are exposed to, and work on, all of our wide-ranging services. This practice continues after qualification allowing our staff to provide multi-disciplinary advice from a single source.

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Ibis Limited How We Work