Fresh Wharf

Fresh Wharf case study


Number of units: 205

Tenures: Private Rent

Build Costs: £38,000,000

Services provided: Employers Agent and Cost Consultant

Ibis Limited Building Consultancy

Fresh Wharf

Ibis Limited Building Consultancy


Located on the Barking waterfront the Fresh Wharf estate was a regeneration project of a previous industrial area. Situated on the banks of the River Roding, the scheme has helped to provide much needed modern housing to the area. The Fresh Wharf estate has provided high rise blocks and low-rise, river-facing townhouses ranging from 1-3 bedrooms.

As well as residential space, the project included a gym and working-from-home-hub for the sole use of its residents.

ibis impact

The project started in autumn 2018 with completion in autumn 2021.

Ibis worked with their client and the developer to deliver the project during this particularly challenging time.

Although the project did stop for a period during the pandemic, the project team worked quickly to put together processes and procedures that ensured safe working practices for all on site.

Ibis were able to adapt their working procedures to ensure that our roles and responsibilities were still being achieved. Due to ours and the rest of the site team’s ability to quickly adapt the project only experienced minimal delays.

The project included works to the river wall, a new energy centre and large local areas of play.

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