New Avenue

New Avenue case study


Number of units: 195 Residential Apartments

Tenures: Affordable Rent & Shared Ownership

Build cost: TBC

Services provided: Employers Agent

Ibis Limited Building Consultancy

New Avenue

Ibis Limited Building Consultancy


A regeneration project for London Borough of Enfield working in partnership with Countryside Properties under a development agreement. The project is made up of 3 phases, the first of which completed in March 2021.

Ibis are working as the Employers Agent covering RIBA stages 4-7 within phase 1. Phases 2 & 3 had to be revised under the development agreement and therefore required a re-submission of planning. We are providing additional support in assessing optional accommodation mixes and analysing their impact on the final land receipt.

ibis impact

We worked closely with the decant team at Enfield to ensure the new homes were suitable for the existing residents on the estate. In some cases, this included significant OT requirements, which we took ownership of to co-ordinate the communications between the Council’s OT and the site team.

The project is programmed to be on site until 2027 and we have worked hard to build long lasting relationships between all parties to provide the best foundation for the longevity of the project.

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